KLi install damp proof membrane, insulation and vapour barriers in to both the commercial and domestic markets. We work closely with our clients to ensure we meet the requirements of their specific project.
Installing the correct gauge DPM is critical and can have devastating effects if installed incorrectly. Our insulation is installed to ensure a good all round fit to the building. It is also critical to ensure a watertight seal when using flowing screeds so that leakage does not get under the insulation and lift it from the sub floor.

Damp Proof Membrane
To meet building regulation you will need to install a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM). We are able to install this before we lay the insulations. All joints are fully taped to ensure the DPM is effective using the correct jointing method and tapes taking care around service pipes.

Separating Membrane
This is a 125mu (500 gauge polythene) membrane and is used to provide a separating layer between the insulation and the screed. Foil back insulation reacts with acids in the screed and the insulation could fail without the membrane in place. It also works as a tanking system when using free flowing screed.

Expansion Joints
We install a screed expansion joint in all doorways t break up the different heating zones within the building. This joint can also be called a movement/control joint. This helps control movement within the screed with expansion and contraction. Placing these within doorways allows for floor coverings such as tiles to also have a movement joint installed without it being in an unsightly place. Without such a control joint cracking may occur anywhere within the floor.

Perimeter Edging
We install a 7mm x 150mm closed cell polyethylene perimeter strip to all walls within the building. This helps to reduce noise transfer and also aids in the expansion and contracting of the floor. The perimeter edging comes with a movable polyethylene skirt which for flowing screeds is secured to the separating membrane to perform a water tight seal preventing screed slipping through and under the insulation.

To ensure the correct U Values are achieved for you building KLI work with some of the leading brands of insulation manufacturers to ensure your building is efficient and the right insulation is installed. Getting this wrong can be costly in the long term. All foil back insulation is covered with a intermediate membrane which we install prior to screeding to protect the foil from the aggressive acids in the screed which over time will damage the insulation.